New start for a standard passenger vehicle taxation in the EU

13 million new vehicles are registered in the European Union every year. Nevertheless the registration tax and the vehicle tax are not harmonized within the EU. The EU commission recognizes the danger that there could be a double vehicle taxation of citizens and companies due to lack of harmonization. In order to prevent this, the commission presented regulations for passenger vehicle taxation in a notification on December 14, 2012 and recommended proceedings for implementation to the member countries.

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Where are we going in the current climate?

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By Prof. Robert Anthony, Anthony & Cie

European Property in the residential sector sales seems to have slowed down substantially. Whilst London and Paris as well as other capitals still seem to be selling, it is much harder to obtain finance. This results in a diminution of volume. Certain prime assets remain in demand and the purchasers obviously are better protected due to their liquidity.

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UK Residency and domicile – New rules with a positive outcome

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By Sonal Shah, Lawrence Grant

The current rules on residency have been based on cases decided over a hundred years ago. The rules have never been easy to apply, they lack certainty and this has hindered international mobility. The UK government recognised that in order to safeguard the UK's attractiveness as a destination for individuals and businesses, the current rules of residency were unsustainable. We have good news!

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US Fight against Tax Evasion Creates Significant Problems for Companies

Passport USA

Despite an excellent credit rating and flawless company reputation, the bank is not advancing funds. The reason: the bank is not prepared to comply with FATCA rules. "We are already seeing problems like this today when Swiss banks are involved. They are expected to increase with other financial institutions in the near future as well," warns Oliver Biernat, auditor and specialised consultant for international tax law at the Benefitax accounting firm in Frankfurt. "FATCA applies whenever US citizens or German companies in which US citizens hold shares want to open an account with or apply for a loan from a German bank."

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Dual Citizens - Filing obligations of United States Citizens Residing Outside of U.S. and Dual Citizens

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By Steven A. Braun and Reena Prabhakar, Drucker & Scaccetti, P.C.

Recent publicity regarding the efforts of the United States tax authorities to crack down on U.S. persons with undisclosed foreign bank accounts has caused great concern for U.S. citizens who reside outside the U.S. or are dual citizens of both U.S. and another country. They should now be aware of the fact that they are required to file tax returns and disclose certain information that could be subject to substantial penalties, in many cases.

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There must be social protection for the successful growth of globalization

Economic growth has been shifting towards new markets over the past number of years. As a result, 83 of the developing and emerging countries have grown at least twice as fast as the industrial states during the past decade, and are already showing high incomes. The result is a shift of the global wealth from west to east and from north to south. And although the middle-class segment is also growing considerably in these emerging countries, problems are still arising that could pose a hazard to stability unless countermeasures are taken by the governments.

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Major reforms of French investments taxation

By Prof. Robert Anthony, Anthony & Cie

Wealth tax 2011

Only taxpayers possessing assets over M € 1.3 have an obligation to declare and to pay Wealth Tax (on September 30th, 2011). Wealth tax 2012: As from 2012, a new tax threshold at two levels is established, applicable from the first euro:
  • 0.25 % for assets between M € l.3 and M€3
  • 0.5 % abov

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