Transfer pricing and small business simplification: Australia introduces “safe harbour”

By Ross D. R. Forrester, Westcourt Chartered Accountants

The Australian government has made significant steps in simplifying tax compliance for overseas persons doing business in Australia.

Transfer pricing

Where a person satisfies certain safe harbour rules and they notify the Australian Tax Office (ATO) in their tax return, the ATO will not “allocate compliance resources to review the covered transactions or arrangements specified in that option for transfer pricing purposes, beyond reviewing [their] eligibility to use the option [they] have applied.”

The options to be excluded from the transfer pricing documentation include:

1. small taxpayers (1 July 2013 onwards),
2. distributors (1 July 2013 onwards),
3. intra-group services (1 July 2013 onwards),
4. low-level inbound loans (1 July 2013 onwards),
5. materiality (1 July 2015 onwards),
6. management and administration services (1 July 2015 onwards),
7. technical services (1 July 2015 onwards), and
8. low-level outbound loans.

Difficulty applying the exemption

The introduction of these rules appeared, at first glance, to be a significant boon for many clients. However the exclusion of royalty or licence fees from excluded related party dealings creates a significant difficulty in implementing the law.

In particular, if a person has a royalty payment to a related party, where such payment is insignificant (for instance AUD 2,000), the whole administrative exclusion does not apply.

The same applies if a very minor payment is made to a country that is identified as a “tax haven”.

The requirement to create an election within the International Related Party Dealings Schedule as part of the client’s Income Tax Return is also problematic, especially as some clients are not aware of the need to create such a schedule (and view it to be optional).

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