Transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting

By Robin de Raad, Zirkzee Group

As a result of BEPS Action 13, The Netherlands released tax law regarding transfer pricing (TP) documentation on January 1 2016. Under the new legislation, multinational enterprises (MNEs) with a minimum consolidated turnover of EUR 50 million will have to deal with a three-tiered approach to TP documentation: master file, local file and country-by-country report.

SMEs have less comprehensive requirements with regard to TP documentation. At least the Dutch administration should state how the intercompany transactions are determined to be at arm’s length.

Master file and local file

Dutch members of a MNE group should have a master file and local file available at the level of the Dutch entity when filing the corporate income tax return. The master file should provide an overview of the MNE group business, including but not limited to:

  • The nature of business activities;
  • An overview of the supply chain for group’s five largest products;
  • The general TP policy.

The local file provides information relevant to the TP analysis of intercompany transactions between the Dutch entity and its foreign group companies.

Country-by-country report

The country-by-country requirements are applicable to Dutch tax resident entities within a MNE group with a minimum consolidated group turnover of EUR 750 million. They are treated as a risk assessment tool for tax administrations and should be used to assess the accuracy of the applicable TP policy within the MNE group.

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