Polish Ministry of Finance clarifies CFC

By Artur Plutowski, EFS Group Sp.z.o.o.

On 1 January 2015, Poland introduced the Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFC) regime. Clarifications to the CFC were recently published by the Ministry of Finance (MF). Among  others, the CFC regime is applicable if the following conditions are met (cumulatively):

a. Polish resident (directly or indirectly) holds at least 25% of share capital or voting/profit rights for a minimum of 30 days

b. At least 50% of profit earned comes from passive sources (e.g. dividends, disposal of shares/stocks, interest, IPR)

c. Any type of the passive income is either exempt or excluded from taxation or is taxed at a lower rate (by 25%) than in Poland

Under the clarifications, the MF tightened some conditions and claims that a holding ratio (25%) should be understood as the cumulative holding of a taxpayer, spouse and relatives (e.g. children, siblings, parents). The MF confirms that the CFC will not apply to entities established in the EU Member States or EEA countries and conducting factual business activities, for example:

a. Setting up of the CFC is triggered by existence of a going concern, e.g. office, qualified staff, equipment used for business purposes

b. Equivalency exists between scope of activity of the CFC and its office, qualified personnel and equipment used

c. Arrangements concluded by the CFC are in line with business practice, are commercially reasonable and are not purely against the commercial interest of the CFC

d. The CFC executes its basic business functions itself by using its own resources

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published: April 2015

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