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Commercial Real Estate Investment in Slovenia

By Blaž Mrva, MRVA Law LLP

Over the last few years, there have been several commercial real estate transactions involving large companies selling their properties and remaining tenants, especially large retailers who sold their supermarkets. Also, shopping centres in big cities have been sold to real estate funds. Hotels in tourist areas on the Adriatic coast and in Alpine resorts have changed hands, mostly to foreign investors. Hotels were, in most cases, very reasonably priced.

It should be noted that the hospitality industry has grown considerably in the last ten years in Slovenia, both in the capital Ljubljana and in tourist resorts. Currently there is a shortage of logistic real estates (warehouses). New facilities are being constructed and there is opportunity to invest in this sector, too.

Now, the prices of commercial real estates are increasing, and it appears that the trend will continue. The commercial real estate renting market is not as developed as in other countries. In the past, most of the companies owned real estate which they used for their businesses. However, there are more and more companies that rent their facilities.

Major owners of commercial real estate to rent are currently Austrian real estate funds. Yet, there is still room for newcomers to seize an opportunity in the emerging market. We consider that there are chances to do good business for real estate funds, developers, and companies in the hospitality business.

There may be some legal obstacles for developers to overcome when applying for building permits. Other than that, the legal framework for real estate transactions and renting agreements is good and not overcomplicated.

Typically, foreign investors start a local company and carry out operations from Slovenia. A company can be established within a few days, no special requirements are provided by law for that. Corporate taxes are reasonable at 19%. The downside of entering the Slovenian market may be the small size of the market, but for companies looking for moderate-sized investment, Slovenian commercial real estate may be an opportunity worth seizing.

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MRVA Law LLP, Ljubljana, Slovenia, was established in 2001 and is focused on commercial law. Their main experience lies in M&A, regulatory matters, real estate development and real estate transactions.

Blaž Mrva has 25 years of experience, 17 years as an attorney specialising in commercial law. He is an arbitrator for .eu domain names at the Czech Arbitration Court in Prague. He has an MBA and advises mainly foreign and international companies.

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