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Corporate Benefit: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

By Alina Iozsa, Hategan Attorneys

The issue of corporate benefit arises primarily in the case of establishing security for a third-party obligation in banking transactions. We have often encountered instances when foreign parent companies require their Romanian subsidiaries to grant security for banking transactions and conclude corresponding security agreements over their assets according to Romanian law, also known as upstream security.

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Brussels, Belgium

Belgium: Reform of Property Law

By Frédéric Couvreur, DALDEWOLF

Belgian property law has been recently reformed, by the law of 04 February 2020 setting out Book 3 “The Goods” of the Civil Code (the “Law of 04 February 2020”). This law provides for one of the very few reforms of Belgian property law since the entry into force of the Civil Code (also called the “Code Napoléon”) in 1804, under the French regime, and of the law on the right of emphyteusis (long-term lease) and the law on the building right (right of superficies) in 1824, under the Dutch regime. Of course, since the beginning of the nineteenth century, Belgian property law has undergone several developments due to case law.

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appartment houses

The Austrian “Residential Property Act”: Major Changes

By Raffaela Lödl-Klein, KAPP & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte GmbH

In Austria, a “Residential Property Act” (Wohnungseigentumsgesetz) provides for a special form of ownership: it is the connection with the (proportional) ownership of the real estate, combined with the right to exclusively use a flat (apartment). The Residential Property Act regulates the rights and obligations of the flat owners. An amendment to the law with three major changes is planned. To achieve these targets, three central points in particular are to be addressed:

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Warsaw, Poland

Where to do Business Next?

By Andrzej Tokaj, Penteris

“Unprecedented times” is one of the most overused catchwords of recent times. Overused as it is, the term reminds us that our new circumstances can stimulate exploration beyond our known horizons.

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Nineteen Motley Real Estate Ideas in Times of COVID-19 – Part IV – Properties for Medical and Educational Ends

By Peter Fassl & Helmut Seitz, HSP Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Unfortunately, the pandemic has kept us in a chokehold for much longer than any of us would have expected roughly a year and a half ago. In this column, we are deliberately trying to give a few random thoughts on how to react to a situation in difficult times at short notice, while at the same time making sure that all adjustments add value to the real estate asset class in the future. This time, we want to give some thoughts on the topics of medicine and education.

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Ankara, Turkey

Real Estate Regulation in Turkey

By Ferhan Yildizli, Financial Axis

Real estate investments are supported by Turkey in administrative regulation for foreigners. There are various advantages for investment that should be evaluated by investors. Therefore, these types of investments give opportunities such as:

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