Nineteen Motley Real Estate Ideas in Times of COVID-19 – Part IV – Properties for Medical and Educational Ends

By Peter Fassl & Helmut Seitz, HSP Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Unfortunately, the pandemic has kept us in a chokehold for much longer than any of us would have expected roughly a year and a half ago. In this column, we are deliberately trying to give a few random thoughts on how to react to a situation in difficult times at short notice, while at the same time making sure that all adjustments add value to the real estate asset class in the future. This time, we want to give some thoughts on the topics of medicine and education.

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London, UK

The Changing Use of Space in 2020 and Beyond

By Daniel Abrahams and Alastair Moss, Memery Crystal LLP

Real estate has historically been a deceptively simple asset; it is bought or sold, whether as a leasehold or freehold interest. The UK property market, however, is undergoing significant changes in demands. Both macro-economic and sociocultural factors are significantly changing just what it is that people require from property.

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Ankara, Turkey

Real Estate Regulation in Turkey

By Ferhan Yildizli, Financial Axis

Real estate investments are supported by Turkey in administrative regulation for foreigners. There are various advantages for investment that should be evaluated by investors. Therefore, these types of investments give opportunities such as:

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Bicycles in Graz, Austria

Nineteen Motley Real Estate Ideas in Times of COVID-19

By Helmut Seitz and Nadja Holzer, HSP Rechtsanwälte GmbH

The coronavirus has got the world of real estate investment thinking about how to set sail when aiming at long-term success in the industry. Continuing our series on “outsidethe- box” investment ideas, in this issue, we turn our attention to commercial real estate.

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Graz, Austria

Effects of Opening Insolvency Proceedings on Real Estate Purchase Agreements in Austria

By Mario Kapp and Raffaela Lödl-Klein, KAPP & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Real estate often represents a substantial part of the assets of a person or company. If insolvency proceedings are opened against the owner’s assets, naturally the insolvency administrator seeks to keep the property within the insolvency estate. However, if the current debtor has only recently concluded a purchase contract regarding the property, the question arises as to whether the property remains in the debtor’s assets.

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Britany, France

The Importance of Keeping Records in France for French Property Ownership

By Prof Robert Anthony, Anthony & Cie

It is necessary to highlight to clients and readers who own property in France, certain necessities in today’s tax legislations. Many people refurbish properties and do not consider the consequences of their actions later on. It is necessary to maintain proper records indefinitely. Invoices need to be addressed to the owner of the property; if it is owned by a company, the records should be in the name of the company. Proof of payments, both invoices and bank payments, should be carefully saved.

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Warsaw, Poland

The Surprising Resilience of Warsaw

By Andrzej Tokaj, Penteris

In a world seemingly teeming with traps, and brimming with stumbling blocks, finding an elegant solution to the challenges we are all now facing can seem like a labyrinthine task. However, the solution could actually be simpler than might be expected.

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