Opatija, Croatia

Purchasing and Selling of Real Estate in Croatia

By Biljana Svaljek, Infokorp d.o.o.

Becoming a part of the EU made it easier to purchase real estate in Croatia. Although the country is not large, it has a diverse territory, including many islands. Therefore, each year, interest in purchasing real estate for various touristic services increases. There are several things that must be considered when purchasing and selling real estate in Croatia.

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Italiy renovation

Italy: Tax Relief for Construction Companies

By Dr Martin Lechner, Pichler Dejori Comploj & Partner

From 01 May 2019, Italy is offering tax relief to construction companies in order to promote the recovery of buildings in need of renovation. Between the period of 01 May 2019 and 31 December 2021, companies whose scope consists of the construction and recovery of buildings will be able to purchase entire buildings for a fixed amount of EUR 200 each, for registration, mortgage, and cadastral taxes.

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Leiden, The Netherlands

“Lease Goes before Sale”: How Far Does Dutch Law Protect the Tenant?

By Joost Donkersloot, TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen

In Dutch rental legislation, there is an adage: “lease goes before sale”. In short, this means that a lease agreement does not end if the rented space is sold and changes ownership. In practice, however, it is sometimes assumed too easily that the tenant does not suffer from a transfer of
ownership of the rented property.

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Innsbruck city center, river Inn and Tyrolian Alps

Real Estate Financing in Austria

By Raffaela Lödl-Klein and Mario Kapp, KAPP & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte GmbH

The real estate market in Austria is flourishing; both the volume of sales and the value of sold real estate have increased continuously in recent years. Further growth on all fronts is expected for 2019: more demand and higher prices, though only a minimally growing supply side, especially with regards to land for building and single-family homes. The choice of the right type of real estate financing is of key importance in this context.

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real estate at the Côte d' Azur

French Real Estate: A Good Time to Invest

By Joris Cataldi and Professor Robert Anthony, Anthony & Cie

When purchasing a property there are several issues that one needs to consider. Tax, future growth as well as rental income. The speculation in European property markets created a volatility into market sectors creating difficulties into choosing safe investments in stable areas. Funds invested heavily into logistics as well as residential blocks of flats. The later they tried to create positive gains by selling the apartments individually. Certain streets around Europe were redeveloped to build more high class shopping.

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New commercial building for sale at Udonthani city in Udon Thani, Thailand

Property in Thailand: A Mixed Bag

By Paul Gambles, MBMG Group

Looking at the Bank of Thailand’s house-price index shows an unchecked 64% rise in the last ten years. But that doesn’t go anywhere near to telling the whole story.

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Gjirokastra in Albania

Investing in Real Estate in Albania

By Oltion Kaçani, Gjika & Associates Attorneys at Law

The Albanian real-estate sector has undergone significant changes and improvements in order to resolve the issues inherited from the past. Due to the legal amendments made in the last few years, Albania offers a real opportunity to invest in real estate, thus facilitating and making more reliable the entire process.

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real estate

Opportunity Zones: Taking Advantage of US Emerging Markets

By Tony Constantine, Ciuni & Panichi, Inc.

The United States’ opportunityzone programme encourages investment into what Senator Cory Booker describes as “domestic emerging markets”. The programme is a departure from traditional economic-development programmes. It provides taxpayers with the ability to redeploy unrealised gains for the purpose of revitalising distressed areas without an immediate tax burden.

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The Taxation of UK-Sited Real Estate

By Hed Amitai, Alex Barnes and Rich Risino, Memery Crystal LLP

April 2019 marks the completion in a step change, started in 2012, to “level the playing field” in how gains in value realised on the disposal of UK-sited real estate are taxed.

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