Particularities under Austrian litigation – overview of two particularities in the Austrian Civil Procedure Order (Zivilprozessordnung, ZPO)

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By Aurelia Tramposch, Tramposch & Partner

The Austrian legislator has increased the amount up to which legal dunning proceedings can be initiated. Monetary claims up to EUR 75,000.00 can now be directly, effortlessly and promptly claimed through dunning proceedings. After having filed a default action by the creditor the court will subsequently issue a conditioned payment order without having appointed a court hearing or having scrutinised the legitimacy of the claim.

Formal court proceedings will only commence if contradictions are submitted. Otherwise, if the debtor fails to contest the conditioned payment order within four weeks, it becomes legally binding. Consequently, the creditor obtains an effective order which enables him to conduct garnishment proceedings.


Contrary to common law, the approach under Austrian law adopts the concept of "the loser pays all". If one party succumbs in the lawsuit, that party will be ordered to pay the opposing party's total lawyer's and court fees. This also applies when a claim is dismissed on whatever grounds resulting in the claimant having to pay the defendant's legal costs.

Legal representation costs are subject to and regulated in the Austrian Lawyers' Tariff (Rechtsanwaltstarif, RATG). The RATG is a complex system, explicitly stating the precise fee for each specific procedural step, always depending on the amount involved in the dispute.

The winning party can only seek reimbursement of its legal costs in an amount which correlates to the RATG. Notwithstanding that a client has an hourly rate remuneration agreement with its lawyers, in the case of prevailing in the lawsuit, the court will only grant legal fees in accordance with the RATG.

Another particularity under the Austrian Civil Procedure stipulates § 43 ZPO that costs will be split according to the success quota of the parties.

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 published: August 2013

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