We can’t squeeze water from a stone, but it’s your perfect right to collect debts!

By Christian Seidl, Tramposch & Partner

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business and bad debts are still the most frequent reason for company insolvencies. Obtaining new customers is just one part of the process. Ensuring that you get paid on time is just as important. When collection agencies, businesses and individuals want their collection matters handled using the most successful and efficient methods, they contact our professional debt collecting attorneys at the law firm of Tramposch & Partner.

When business disputes cannot be resolved by negotiations at commercial level and alternative dispute resolution fails, litigation or arbitration is the last step. The European Small Claims Procedure (Regulation (EC) No 861/2007) and the European Enforcement Order for Uncontested Claims (Regulation (EC) No 805/2004) apply to cross-border cases; that is, cases in which at least one of the parties is domiciled or habitually resident in a Member State other than the Member State of the court where the action is brought. In cross-border litigation, language differences are one of the main obstacles preventing parties from taking action and defending their rights. Both regulations apply to civil and commercial matters in cross-border cases in any court or tribunal and they include an attempt to reduce language obstacles.

Bearing in mind the importance of existing business relationships, the objective is to collect receivables without jeopardising the relationship. Professional debt collection helps to achieve this objective and enables creditors to concentrate on their core business.

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Christian Seidl is a partner at Tramposch & Partner and has been managing the branch office in Eisenstadt since 2005. He principally advises banks, leasing companies and insurance companies on the enforcement of their claims regarding tort and unjust enrichment disputes (court disputes/contentions). He specialises in the areas of litigation before state courts as well as administrative bodies, debt collection, insurance recoveries, insolvency law and banking law.

Tramposch & Partner is a boutique law firm with more than 29 years of experience in handling litigation and business law matters on a national and international scale. As a modern, proactive, forward-thinking law firm, Tramposch & Partner is firmly seated in the 21st century and offers unique and flexible solutions. Its three offices across Austria, based in Innsbruck, Vienna and Eisenstadt, enable Tramposch & Partner to provide comprehensive legal counselling as well as representation before Austrian courts and administrative bodies throughout the country.

published: March 2014

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