Interns – to Pay or Not to Pay?

By Erin Kidd, McCabes

Employers need to understand the distinction between legitimate unpaid internships, which offer genuine work experience, and sham internships that exploit cheap (or free) labour, to ensure they do not fall foul of Australia’s workplace laws.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has recently said ‘Employers cannot simply choose to label an employee as an “intern” in order to avoid paying their staff according to their lawful entitlements’.

To be properly categorised as an unpaid intern, an individual must:

(a) be undertaking a ‘vocational placement’; and/or

(b) not be in an employment relationship with the business.

A ‘vocational placement’ is a placement that:

(a) does not entitle the individual to any remuneration;

(b) is undertaken as a requirement of an education or training course; and

(c) is approved. That is, the institution delivering the course that provides for the placement must be approved to do so under a law or an administrative arrangement of the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory.

Where an internship is not a ‘vocational placement’, it can only be unpaid if no employment relationship exists. This requires examination of the nature and purpose of the arrangement, the length of the arrangement and whether the work would ordinarily be performed by an employee.

Individuals such as company directors, senior managers and human resources personnel can be personally liable for contraventions, such as underpayment of wages or failure to provide other employment entitlements, in respect of workers they have incorrectly engaged as unpaid interns.

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