GDPR Rules and Their Application to Bankruptcy Estates

By Lars Berg Dueholm and Kasper Bjerre Hendrup Andersen, LOU Advokatfirma

The increasingly intensive European regulation of the data-protection area prompts the question of how the trustee-in-bankruptcy must act, partly with regard to his/her processing of personal data, which the debtor has collected and processed about employees, customers, suppliers before the bankruptcy, and partly with regard to the data processing that the bankruptcy estates inevitably will perform in their own right.

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Client Alert: Bill Introduced in General Assembly to Promote Private Hemp Industry

By Clint Pinyan, Brooks Pierce

Today, Senators Brent Jackson (R-Sampson), Norman Sanderson (R-Pamlico) and Todd Johnson (R-Union) introduced S.B. 315 (the “North Carolina Farm Act of 2019”), a bill to create the North Carolina Hemp Commission. The Commission would implement new federal law contained in the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (colloquially, the “2018 Farm Bill”) in order to permit and regulate a broad statewide industry in hemp (a variety of the cannabis plant with low THC concentrations).

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FinSA & FinIA in Switzerland: Authorisation to engage in activity as a portfolio manager

By Philippe Bonnefous, Bonnefous & Cie SA

In June 2018, the Swiss legislature adopted two new bills governing the pursuit of certain activities in the financial sector. The FinSA (Financial Services Act) essentially covers the provision of financial services and the distribution of financial instruments. It derives some of its content from European legislation, adapted to fit the Swiss context. The FinIA (Financial Institutions Act) defines the conditions to which the various actors involved in this sector are subject in the performance of their activities.

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information technology

IT – what the shareholder needs to know

By Annarien Adams, Nolands Advisory Services South Africa

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change” a quote by Richard Branson. The technology world is changing at a rapid speed and the size of the organisation will not necessarily determine the success of the organisation but the speed at which it changes.

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cd recording at a studio

Collective Protection of Copyright in Bosnia & Herzegovina

By Željko Vlačić, SAJIC

By signing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Union on 16 June 2008, and with all efforts of Bosnia & Herzegovina to fulfil criteria for membership, an obligation has been created to establish an effective legal and regulatory framework for protection of all copyright and related rights holders.

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Social security contributions paid by the employer and the employee

By Nataša Krejić, Law firm Sajić

Bosnia & Herzegovina is a republic, but due to the complexity of its regional units, it does not function as a republic. It is composed of two entities and a district, i.e. the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina (51% of the territory), the Republic of Srpska (49% of the territory) and the Brcko District (which was the subject of disputes and international arbitration and then finally recognised as a district).

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