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GGI is one of the world's leading organizations of independent, leading law, accounting, audit, management consulting and trust firms.

Facts and Figures (year end 2019):

  • 623 member firms
  • 4'000+ partners
  • Presence in 126 countries
  • 29'600 FTE's worldwide
  • Total annual fee income 2019, USD 6.001 billion

GGI member firms are well-established, independent firms with a reputation for excellent client services and high-quality advice. Most GGI members know each other personally and are in constant contact with their fellow GGI experts around the globe. GGI enables associates to assemble international teams swiftly which gives them the edge and ability to serve their clients in the best possible way.

25 years GGI - our history

Claudio Cocca, co-partner of an Accounting and Tax Consulting Firm in Switzerland, works intensively with foreign tax consultants and accountants. He is continually confronted with the task of finding high-quality partners with whom to work successfully in order to serve his clients in the best possible way.

As a result of this need, he founded the GGI Geneva Group International AG in April 1995, as an international alliance for tax consultants and accountants.

In order to avoid the inefficiency of managing an association, GGI was set up as a limited company in Switzerland, registering the trademark “Geneva Group International” in the relevant classes.

GGI members urge the management of the alliance to accept law firms and consulting firms as members of GGI, in order to handle more complex joint transactions and thereby turn GGI into a truly multidisciplinary alliance. The fact that GGI is a Swiss company and that the contractual relationship between a member firm and GGI is based on the “cooperation agreement”, which in technical terms is a service and trademark agreement, is very helpful in terms of grouping together law firms, accounting firms and consulting firms in one organization. National legislation does not always allow accounting firms and law firms to be part of the same association; however, GGI is not an association and therefore the multidisciplinary path is open. In 1997 law firms and management consulting firms can be accepted as Geneva Group International members.

Latin America is becoming increasingly important for GGI and is being launched as a separate GGI region. The Regional Manager of this region will be Dr. Miguel Mantelli, with the regional office opening in Buenos Aires in 1999.

Following the formation of the Latin American region, an additional region will be established within GGI in 2000: Middle East / Asia / Africa. Peter Kaeser has been appointed Regional Manager, and his regional office will be based in Dubai.

In 2005 Geneva Group International merges with Lawspan International (LSI), an association of 28 independent law firms throughout the world.
The alliance grows continuously, and Geneva Group International establishes the first practice groups, in which experts from different countries exchange information on professional topics and work on joint projects.

GGI is also keen to integrate the next generation more firmly in the alliance, and decides to introduce a new type of event. The first GGI EasyMeet for juniors and associates takes place in April 2006 in Berlin. The participants work on case studies and exchange ideas on current issues.

GGI has grown to become the world's largest multidisciplinary alliance that includes law firms, accounting firms and management consulting firms offering professional services. In 2005 and 2006 GGI was ranked by Accountancy Magazine the eight largest alliance of accounting associations and networks worldwide including the Big Four.

In 2007 and 2008 Geneva Group International is ranked the seventh largest alliance including the Big Four, by Accountancy Magazine in London, the official publication of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. GGI is the only genuine Swiss alliance operating at international top-ten level.

The Asian region is growing continuously; the first GGI Asian Regional Conference will be organized in Bali in 2009.
In 2011 Geneva Group International is ranked again sixth in the world including the Big Four. The first GGI North American Regional Conference takes place in October 2011 in Toronto.

The North American region experiences rapid ongoing growth within GGI and for this reason a regional office will be opened in Boston in September 2012.

The North American Regional Council will be established, acting as an advisory body to GGI management to help shape and determine the local needs of this region.

The first North American EasyMeet takes place in September.

Further Regional Councils will be established in October for the regions Asia / Pacific and Latin America. Intention of these councils is to gain insight into local market trends and exchange information to find better approaches and solutions to region-specific issues. By establishing these councils, GGI is able to create a forum comprised of local authorities throughout the regions to identify issues relevant to specific professional areas. These councils are another stepping stone to support the growing organization of GGI.

GGI has been accepted in 2013 as a full member of the European Group of International Accounting Networks and Associations (EGIAN), www.egian.eu, which is the representative group for twenty four of the largest International Accounting Networks and Associations outside the Big 4.

Now and in the future, we will continue to strive to serve our members in the best possible way, providing outstanding services and innovative ideas for the benefit of the organization as a whole. 

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