Omis, Croatia

Process of Buying Real Estate in Croatia

By Biljana Svaljek, INFOKORP

Prior to entering into the European Union, buying real estate in Croatia was complicated. Natural persons had to register a company in order to purchase real estate. Today, all citizens of the EU and Switzerland have the same conditions as Croatian citizens.

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Moscow City International Business Center in Russia

Latest Developments on Beneficial Ownership in Russia

By Valeria Khmelevskaya, KBK Accounting

One of the major conditions currently necessary in Russia for application of the incentives provided by double taxation treaties (DTT) is the “actual right of the company to the income” obtained from the sources in Russia. This is the statutory naming for a beneficial ownership concept (BO) in Russia, which continues to develop and evolve after introduction into legislation in 2015.

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Commercial Lease Disputes in Ireland: A Recent History and Overview

By Tom O’Byrne, O’Flynn Exhams LLP

Commercial lettings in Ireland have had a turbulent decade. The financial crisis took its toll on the sector. The National Asset Management Agency (NAMA), founded in 2009, acquired loans valued at EUR 77 billion and broad powers to manage its portfolio. Bailouts, Troika rules, insolvencies, and the blame-game led industry discourse.

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Scientist analizing DNA sequence

Can My Genetic Information be Used Against Me?

By Anne M. Kennedy, Pallett Valo LLP

With a simple swab, a person can learn about their ancestry, connect with family members they never knew existed, and discover which traits they are predisposed to. Importantly, they can also predict to some degree their risk of disability or disease, with the hopes of improving how their medical problems are treated in the future.

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leader looking out of the window

Why Your Leaders Leave You and How to Retain Them: Get Prepared!

By Sameer Kamboj, SKC World

Leadership attrition refers to a phenomenon when top level management or partners exit an organisation. There are many reasons and explanations given for it by the leaders. But how do we know the exact reasons for leadership attrition, and how can one manage this kind of attrition? This article attempts to cover these questions.

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