The 60th Anniversary of Mattig-Suter and Partner - A Review and Outlook Shaped by Three Generations

The stability and long-term success of the economy not only depends on large companies but above all on small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) such as Mattig- Suter and Partners in Switzerland.

The last 60 years, as well as three generations, have shaped Mattig- Suter and Partners. All of the three chairmen have managed the company with similar core values, which left an impressive imprint on our company culture and have led us to celebrate our 60th anniversary this year. Since the founding of Mattig-Suter and Partners, the following characteristics have emerged and are integral to our current corporate identity.

Courage to take risks: The beginnings of Mattig-Suter and Partners go back to its founder, Walter Suter, and his business partner, Alfred Suter, who started working on two desks and on two chairs, which were provided by their landlord. This business risk paid off, as our company is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and the third generation, this year. Yet, without the courage of the founders to take bold but coolly calculated risks, this celebration would not take place.

Modesty: The founder of the company despised any pomposity and his spirit lives on and shapes the attitudes of our employees and partners today.

Integrity: Respecting ethical values is part of our company’s DNA.

Cosmopolitanism: Continuously exploring new opportunities, Mattig- Suter and Partners have founded several branches in Switzerland and south-eastern Europe. As part of our cosmopolitan identity, Mattig- Suter and Partners also joined GGI Geneva Group International and actively participates by connecting and cooperating with other like-minded independent firms across the globe.

High level of expertise and professional competence: All our employees and partners strive to continuously learn and gain additional skills. This pursuit of expertise and professional competence is embedded within our corporate culture and fostered by all partners.

Finding solutions together with our clients: Among our company’s guiding principles is our approach to listening to our clients, as well as finding practical and long-term solutions by working together, instead of only presenting a ready-made solution. This approach is part of our custom-centric way to provide our services.

Imagination: Creativity and logical thinking must always complement each other, as rationality on its own does not leave room to create something new. Yet, it generally has to be established whether a creative solution is also the right path to correctly solving a problem.

Vision: Micro-tactical hopping on the spot is enough to overcome simple, routine hurdles and allows short-term continuity.

But strategic thinking reaches far into the future and is a requirement to enable sustainable developments.

We hope that you, our readers, partners, colleagues, and clients, aside from ensuring your future, can also take some time to concentrate on your values and gain the confidence to tackle any future economic challenges.


Three generations have shaped the company: Walter Suter, Claudia Mattig, Franz Mattig

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Published: GGI Insider, No. 108, July 2020

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