Legacy planning with digital assets

By Jolene Tan, SingAlliance Pte Ltd

The advent of the digital age has harnessed the rise of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens. As more look to invest in this space, many have yet to consider its inclusion in estate planning. However, it is a critical consideration and some might argue it is more crucial than traditional assets. This is because of its decentralised nature, market volatility, the lack of personal linkage to demonstrate ownership, as well as the issue of how the keys are stored – in an electronic device.

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Seint Aubin, Jersey

Putting trust in independence

By Simon Voisin, Forward Group Limited

Trusts have many purposes and can be useful to safeguard family assets. When setting up a trust a key decision is whether to choose a corporate or an independent trustee.

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Sydney, Australia

CGT implications for beneficiaries of Australian deceased estates

By Tony Nunes, Kelly + Partners Chartered Accountants

While the topic of death and thinking about what happens to a person’s estate after they die can be uncomfortable, it is necessary to consider this issue as it can impact the income tax consequences for the Australian deceased estate. This is particularly important in cases where the estate involves any or all of the following: non-resident beneficiaries, offshore assets, or the person has died without leaving a will.

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Edmonton, Canada

Why every entrepreneur needs a succession plan

By Brad Severin, Moodys Private Client Accounting

It was raining the day that Jim passed away from a sudden heart attack. He was out for his morning run and he never came back. His son Brett called from the office of the family’s construction company when Dad failed to arrive for a meeting with their tax advisor and lawyer and was given the awful news. Dad was gone. Now what? He knew everything – the history of the company, who the most important suppliers and contractors were, the arrangements with the bankers through his personal relationships with them for over thirty years. All this knowledge died with him.

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