Frankfurt, Germany

Taxation of Trusts in Germany

By John Büttner, FPS

Trusts are often used as foreign vehicles. Regarding the German tax treatment, which shall be briefly outlined, it is, however, decisive as to whether a trust qualifies as a transparent or non-transparent vehicle. Such qualification is generally made based on the respective trust agreement, along with all other agreements linked to the trust. The more influence the Settlor has, the more likely it is that the trust is deemed to be transparent.

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IRS Provides Reporting and Penalty Relief for US Individuals with Tax-Favoured Foreign Trusts

By Ladidas Lumpkins, Prager Metis International LLC

Amidst the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, many US citizens who have worked abroad and paid into pension trusts may have missed a significant change made by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on 02 March 2020. It is a change that will not only alleviate much of the tax-paperwork burden for those who have worked, or are working overseas, it eliminates the possibility of a minimum USD 10,000 fine for untimely or inaccurate reporting.

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Chicago, USA

Family Offices: Optimising Operations and Opportunities

By Harry Cendrowski, Cendrowski Corporate Advisors LLC

As economies around the world return to some semblance of normalcy, it is a great time for the family offce and their advisors to evaluate the operations of the family offce to ensure they are keeping up with changing best practices and family expectations.

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Looking Forward: The Future of Philanthropy

By Simon Voisin, Forward Group Limited

The number of philanthropists continues to increase year on year, giving tens of billions to charitable and good causes, but with possible recession looming and the economic impact of the COVID-19 epidemic has it reached its peak; is it sustainable?

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The Queen has a Gibraltar Trust

By Nathan Perez, Abacus Financial Services Ltd

Yes, only it’s not that queen that you’re thinking about. But still, if royalty thinks a Trust in Gibraltar is worth having, then that’s got to be a good start.

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