Anatomy of an M&A Transaction (VII): A Done Deal: Post-Transaction Planning

By Michael Mercurio Esq., Offit Kurman
What should a seller do after a completed M&A transaction? First, make sure the deal is in fact, done. Have you:

  • …verified the purchase price?
  • …fulfilled your restrictive covenant obligations?
  • …resolved any lingering disputes?
  • …tied up every loose end relating to your prior role in the organization?

If so, bravo—you have made it through what many former business owners consider the most emotionally trying time in their careers. And as for the question of what to do next, I am happy to report that it’s up to you. Some sellers use the proceeds of their sales to fund their next venture, be it a startup or the purchase of yet another business. Others retire or travel, make investments, join a board of directors… the list goes on.

But whether you find yourself at the golf course, leading a nonprofit, on the other end of a new transaction, here are some words of advice to ensure you continue to meet your strategic objectives, whatever they may be:

Hire A Financial Planner.

This is step one for anyone who has recently come into a large sum of money. A financial advisor not only makes managing your portfolio easier, but can offer perspective on market forces and trends, giving you insight into investment opportunities. From guiding your decisions to managing your estate, a good planner will improve your financial literacy while taking care of the important details you may otherwise miss.

Keep In Touch With Your Accountant.

Your accountant, who last played a role in the contracting phase of the deal, remains an important contact once the transaction is complete. As the custodian of the sale’s financial documentation, your accountant is a vital record-keeping resource, especially if any unforeseen disputes with the buyer arise in the future. Which brings me to my third point:
Don’t Let Go Of Your Attorney.

It should go without saying, but you should keep your attorney’s number handy, even after the deal is inked and the money exchanged. Though legal issues at this juncture are uncommon, they do happen from time to time. You attorney, familiar with the transaction, will be able to take care of things promptly.

Besides that, your only mandate at this stage is to do right by yourself and your family. Enjoy your new status in life.

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Michael Mercurio is business law and transactions attorney. He serves as outside general counsel to clients on matters related to corporate and business law, commercial transactions, government contracting and real estate. As a strategic partner to firm clients, Mr. Mercurio regularly counsels entrepreneurial individuals and assorted entities on all aspects of business and commerce including formation and structure; ownership, management and control; financing and capital; expansion and acquisition; sale and transfer; and contraction and dissolution.

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