Transition to Working via Digital Platforms

By Prof Sergio Guerrero Rosas, Guerrero y Santana, S.C.

In this new age of technology, businesses must be quick to adapt to every incoming change in order to stay relevant, and, currently, the most common strategy is to transition from a physical business model to an online or virtual model.

Having an online business has several key benefits, such as an expansion of the current target market, increase in revenue, increase of potential marketing strategies, cost reductions, etc.

It should be noted, however, that creating a digital persona does not mean that businesses should abandon their current physical model; rather, it should be considered an expansion of their own presence. Transitioning to this new type of model is important, given that more and more consumers are looking to find products and services they need without having to deviate from their normal routine, and the simplest way to do this is via the online marketplace. Luckily, going into this online world is not diffcult at all. It can start off by creating social media profiles, your own website or platform, and taking advantage of other marketing strategies such as content marketing, email marketing campaigns, paid social media ads, etc.

Practically all sorts of businesses are capable of implementing a virtual model. Business services firms, and all other similar firms, are fully capable of adapting to this scheme of activities. The most recommended activity, for starters, would be to create and maintain a prominent, user-friendly website. In addition, creating a platform where clients can visualise all the services they can acquire and maintain direct contact with the firms would be a bonus and more successful strategy.

Overall, businesses should not fear change; instead, they should embrace it. Venturing off from traditional business models may seem hazardous or unnecessary, but it is always best to take advantage of any new opportunity that may make your business grow.

Prof Sergio Guerrero Rosas

Prof Sergio Guerrero Rosas

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Guerrero y Santana, S.C. provides its clients with a wide range of tax, legal, and consulting services. The firm has been helping clients – from individuals and small local businesses to major corporations and multinationals – to achieve their smallest aims and grandest ambitions. They are committed to providing specialised, personalised services to all those seeking reliable and up-to-date tax, legal, and business support.

Prof Sergio Guerrero Rosas, Managing Director at Guerrero y Santana, has over 25 years’ experience advising companies from SMEs to multinationals, as well as individuals, on tax and estate planning. He is also Global Vice Chairperson of the Trust and Estate Planning Practice Group and Latin American Chairperson of the GGI International Taxation Practice Group (ITPG).

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