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Top Trending Segments to Start Invest in Brazil in 2019

By Maurício Tadeu de Luca Gonçalves, PartWork Associados

Those who have the goal of starting a new business in Brazil in 2019 should consider some bullish business appearing on the market as good options. These trends have dominated the market in recent months.

Alternative food

The conditions of intolerance to gluten and lactose have not just arisen in the, but at last the market has realized that there is a considerable demand to meet.

In 2015, the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies (Sebrae) already highlighted the promising businesses focused on gluten and lactose free products. In 2018, the maturation of the industry continues to multiply the results.

It never hurts to remember that, especially in the absence of gluten, there is another segment quite interested, although without food restriction: we are talking about the fitness market.


We should also not miss entrepreneurship in the cosmetics and beauty area. After all, the permanent crisis may lessen the need for people to feel beautiful, but it cannot cool down the market.

It is wise to remember that men have some increased participation as loyal customers in that market. Another strong appeal in the cosmetics industry is the concern about the use of natural products, less aggressive to both skin and nature itself.


The growing interest we had in 2018 for shared-economy businesses, where the concept of sharing is very strong.

But there is another factor that helps drive the segment: rising unemployment and increasing demand for work-at-home options. The home-offce does not always offer suitable conditions for professional activities, using a coworking proves to be a great alternative.

App Development

Smartphones are becoming a more and more important part of people's lives, leaving behind computers. They are no longer an accessory but a staple. Therefore, applications developed with a focus on practical solutions never fail to have a market.

A curiosity: there is also a demand for solutions with expiration dates, but of great use, like apps related to big events.


It is no exaggeration to say that the digital products market in Brazil still lags behind in the face of so many possibilities opened by the internet. However, this market had a considerable increase in 2018. Today we have examples of many people who literally made millions starting from nothing.

This does not mean guaranteed easy profits, but that there is a demand for supply. Infoproducts include all kinds of digital solutions such as books, classes and lectures. And best of all is that you can start with a low investment and have only one computer as a structure.


‘The more I know men, the more I love animals.’ Have you seen this phrase in your social networks? It is not a coincidence, after all, the appreciation for the puppys has led this market to bill BRL 18.9 billion in previous years. In the world market, Brazil is in third place in terms of revenue, with a slice of 5.14% of a total of USD 105.3 billion in sales in 2016.

It's not a new branch, but it's clearly one of the bullish business. Together, companies in the industry increased their earnings by more than 5%, even with the impact of the crisis.

3D Impressions

Like everything new, the 3D printing market is somewhat challenging, but anyone who can dominate it tends to embark on a highly profitable business. The main companies in the sector are startups from outside Brazil.This is the biggest indication that it is a great market for foreign investors due to the limitation of the technology here. There is a lot of market to explore, offering innovative and yet unprecedented solutions.

If you would like to start a business in Brazil but do not know where to begin, talk to us.

Mauricio Tadeu de Luca Gonçalves

Mauricio Tadeu de Luca Gonçalves

PartWork Associados, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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