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Avoid These Common Marketing Mistakes Professional Firms Make

By Christine Hollinden, Hollinden | marketers + strategists

The role of marketing in professional firms is more important than ever. Firms must build awareness, fill their funnels, nurture leads, and position themselves as knowledge leaders. These actions turn prospects into clients, and then into referral sources. Marketing tends to be an afterthought, but to thrive, it must be at the front of your mind. Avoid these mistakes that hinder success.

Lack of a Marketing Plan

Serving clients is your firm’s bread and butter that centres around a strong client base. Marketing is key to filling your funnel with opportunities. Don’t make the mistake of lacking a solid marketing plan that serves as the blueprint for achieving your growth goals, by helping you deliver the right message to the right people.

Inconsistent Branding

Your brand encompasses the emotional and psychological relationship with everyone involved with your firm and goes beyond just your logo. Your brand is your promise to clients – the benefits offered and how you will deliver value. Start by defining your brand and deliver consistent messaging. Clients are looking for value-added solutions, not a sales pitch.

Failure to Use the Right Channels

If you are not marketing to the right people, you are not making noise. Don’t underestimate the power of all marketing channels, such as social media. While one post is not going to generate immediate action, your firm will establish thought leadership and visibility, which supports your inbound marketing efforts.

Not Updating Your Website

Your website is the face of your firm. Look at your website through the eyes of a prospect by diagramming their journey. Does your website represent who you are as a firm? If not, now is the time for a refresh. In addition to updating the look and feel, ensure that your website is responsive and interactive, and showcases thought-provoking content.

If your firm is making any of these mistakes, you are not alone. Changing up your marketing approach has the potential to build your brand and attract new business.

Christine Hollinden

Christine Hollinden

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At Hollinden, they are Bold | Experts | Thinkers | Marketers. They are your marketing team, dedicated to achieving your goals. They are the spirited side of professional services marketing, where left-brain meets right-brain. Their marketing services identify market opportunities and produce measurable, business impacting results.

As Founding Principal and Founder of Hollinden, Christine Hollinden, CPSM, is passionate about helping professional services firms distinguish themselves from the pack. Her energetic and forward-thinking approach has earned her industry recognition and status as a sought-after marketing consultant and speaker.

Published: Business Development & Marketing, No. 11, Summer 2021 l Photo: lunamarina - stock.adobe.com

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