Gujarat – growth engine of India

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By Vijesh Zinzuwadia, Zinzuwadia & Co. CA

Strategically located on the west coast of India, Gujarat is a gateway to rich, land-locked northern and central areas of the country. Business is a of life in those areas, with which they are spearheading the Indian effort become a global economic super power. India is a country with a unity in diversity where numerous traditions, cultures and lifestyles exist but business culture is the concept that unites of them in the sub-continent.

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"Seven essential entrepreneurial traits and skills in setting up businesses" – an Asian perspective

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By KC Chia, KC Chia & Noor

Over 130 participants attended the Second Mutiara Community Forum conducted in Mandarin, which was held at the Menara Mutiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The topic of the forum was "Seven essential entrepreneurial traits and skills in setting up businesses – small companies can also achieve considerable success". The speaker was Lin Gu Ye, a renowned Taiwanese consultant who graduated from Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan. His speech can be summarised as follows: Against the backdrop of the current global economic downturn as well as continuing deterioration of the European sovereign debt crisis and resultant market retraction, there has been a significant dip in export demand coupled with an escalating rate of unemployment. As a result many who have started to risk venturing into businesses opt for new business opportunities and pursue lifetime goals with a view to achieving prosperity in the future.

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Saudi Arabia: Economy heading for robust growth

By Faisal Alsayrafi, fth Financial Transaction House

Saudi Arabia's economy is heading for a robust growth this year as it has embarked on various development projects to keep its economic momentum going. Despite unrest in the region, Saudi Arabia maintained its economic projects intact and continued ist economic policies uninterrupted.

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Technology in M&A transactions

By Robert Thompson, Ward Hadaway LLP

Ask any senior M&A lawyer how transactional work has changed over their career and most will point to the impact of technology. For the older generation this all started with the demise of the fax in favour of email and electronic documentation. The legal environment has since been subject to a massive sales push with due diligence software and programs, precedent creation software and project management systems all in theory designed to make the working lives of M&A lawyers easier, improve efficiency and profitability as well as meeting ever increasing client expectations in terms of service delivery and integration.

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Unicorns and decacorns in India: the startup funding boom

By Raghu Marwah and Varun Verma, RNM Capital Advisors

India has emerged as the third largest global ecosystem for startups after the US and China, with about 60,000 startups across the country. These startups not only are developing innovative solutions and technologies, but are continuously generating largescale employment opportunities. India is also the third-largest “unicorn” hub with 90 unicorns companies, only behind the US which boasts 487 unicorns, and China with 301 unicorns, and ahead of the UK which has 39 unicorn companies. “Unicorn” is a term used in the venture capital world to describe a privately held startup company with a value of over USD 1 billion.

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Dealing with legacy in mergers & acquisitions

By Louis de Schorlemer, Corporate Diplomat

When queens and kings pass away, the faces of their heirs will rapidly show up on coins and stamps across the country. Such a transition is meticulously organised to allow the crowds to turn from mourning the deceased to celebrating the incumbent. In Mergers & Acquisitions, conveying a sense of continuity is much more challenging for the acquirer, who often lacks prior in-depth knowledge of the company culture and its propensity to embrace change. Early preparation of a step-bystep communication plan provides relief.

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Manchester, UK

Buyers in the UK beware – and sellers too!

By Ammarah Shamim and Paul Johnson, Ward Hadaway LLP

What’s happened? On 04 January 2022, the UK introduced a new set of rules known as the National Security and Investment Act 2021 (the “Act”). This gives the government the right to investigate and sometimes ban certain business transactions that involve sectors of the economy seen as ‘sensitive’ to national security.

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