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Energy Sector Opportunities

By Andrzej Tokaj, Penteris

Lawyers and energy sector experts from Poland (Penteris), France (De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés), Saudi Arabia (AlMaghthawi & Partners), China (DaWo Law Firm Shanghai), South Africa (ENSafrica), and India (Khaitan & Co) have come together to examine current trends on the energy market. Here are some of the key trends.

Wind-powered Poland

Poland has bright perspectives for growth in wind power. Currently, a decrease in the minimal distance from 1.5 – 2 km to 500m is currently under discussion which could open up the market. Moreover, regulations allow for repowering with the simple refurbishment of the facility excluding its full reinstallation. This factor maintains the possibility for installations to participate in auctions and keep on selling electricity at a fixed price over a fixed period. In terms of being green, Poland is the world’s fifth largest hydrogen producer.

Platinum South Africa

Key facts show that South Africa has the lowest renewable energy prices in the world which are set to decrease even further, making photovoltaic systems increasingly more enticing for personal use. What is more, the country has the opportunity to develop green hydrogen production as South Africa has 75% of the world’s platinum reserves which is needed to produce green hydrogen via electrolysis.

Renewable Saudi Arabia

A boom in renewable energy is being observed in Saudi Arabia with plans for a 10% renewable share in total output. The energy projects launched so far are of impressive size and are comparable, for example, with medium-sized solar farms in France. Saudi is not only gearing up for solar energy development but also for wind and green hydrogen production with one particular project for green hydrogen-based ammonia production capable of powering approximately 20,000 buses.

Trailblazing China

With renewable energy increasing in China by 8.4% in 2020, we are seeing the Middle Country blazing a trail and set to become a global leader for wind and solar farms. Developers’ investments are increasingly focused on this market and another impactful step is a change in policy in favour of generation facilities providing even more support for renewable electricity producers.

Powering France

Renewables have been impacted by the economic crisis in France as well as the fact that litigation remains active over photovoltaic and wind farm projects. In view of the current situation, hydrogen – whose legal framework is still under development – should develop. What is more, there is significant development in Power Purchase Agreements, and this is certainly a trend with a bright future ahead of it.

Green India

A sharp drop in renewable energy prices has been observed in India which means there are question marks surrounding the profitability of future investments At the same time, it should be noted that like France, India has established a “delivery obligation” status for all solar and wind power plants. Considering the geographically favourable characteristics of the country for offshore wind energy, India has exceptional opportunities for future green energy projects.

It is worth noting, that the green energy sector has great potential for growth but also a great need for an improvement in regulation and pricing policies, which will certainly open the door for lawyers, accountants, and specialists who can help free up the market to take advantage of the positive trends that can be seen from Pretoria to Paris, New Dehli to Riyadh, and Beijing to Warsaw.

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