Cross-border car registration within the EU to be simplified

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On average, it currently takes five weeks and costs about EUR 400 to reregister a car registered in a EU country in another member state. If the proposal of the EU Commission is followed, this procedure will get faster, easier, and cheaper in the future.

According to the Commission, the currently very diverse national regulations concerning the registration of cars form an obstacle with regard to a barrier-free internal market and a nuisance obstructing the free movement of persons. They unnecessarily complicate the currently approximately 3.5 million reregistration's of vehicles per year. With its initiative for a simplified car registration procedure, the Commission to achieve annual savings for citizens, companies - particularly those owning a vehicle fleet - and the car leasing and rental industry, amounting to EUR 1.5 billion.

The Commission names the following practical advantages:

  • Persons spending part of the year at a holiday home in another EU country will not have to reregister the car.
  • Persons moving to another EU country for a longer period of time will be given six months to reregister the vehicle there.
  • Persons buying or selling a used car in another EU country will not have to face additional technical checks and administrative problems anymore.
  • Persons working in another EU country and using cars registered by their employers do not have to register them in their own countries.
  • Car rental companies will be able to relocate vehicles to another EU country during the holiday season without the need of reregistering them and thus use the same vehicles on the coast in the summer and in the Alps in the winter months, for example.
  • The same principle applies to companies: Passenger cars, buses, lorries, trucks, and vans should be registered in the EU country in which their headquarters are established, and this will also have to be accepted by other EU countries.
  • As a result of an intensified cooperation between registration authorities, stolen vehicles can be located more easily. In the future it shall be made impossible to register a stolen vehicle in another EU country.
  • Many checks will be abolished completely. The authorities will receive the necessary technical information regarding a vehicle directly from their colleagues in the country where it is already registered.
The proposal will now have to be discussed by the European Parliament and the European Council. Upon its approval, the Member States would then be given one year to adapt to the new procedure.

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