EU customs authorities must be better coordinated when it comes to imported goods

The EU Commission is insisting on increased security when it comes to imported goods. Furthermore, the risk management procedures at the EU's external borders should be standardized. In particular, the relevant customs information should be made quickly and reliably available to all of the participating authorities in each member state.


This suggestion from the Commission was explained by the EU Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union, Algirdas Emeta, on 08.01.2013. "Security is of the utmost priority for customs authorities within the European Union. These authorities must continue to play a leading role within Europe in order that dangerous goods to not reach the EU and to ensure that the safety of citizens is guaranteed." The commission is paying particular attention to the interception of explosives, contaminated foodstuffs and smuggled goods.

The background to this proposal is an increase in foreign trade within the European Union by almost 50 percent from 2004 to 2010. The result of the increase in the trade volume is that the European customs administration now receives nine reports per second.


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