New data reveals the truth about content personalisation at scale

By Nick Mason, Turtl

Today it's common knowledge that personalisation is a priority for modern businesses. Brands like Netflix, Amazon, and Google have shown just how effective personalised services can be for efforts in business growth, lead gen, click-throughs, and even customer loyalty. As a result, many others are already deploying personalisation, but customers are unimpressed.

75% of businesses think they're excellent at personalisation – only 48% of customers agree.

Sub-par personalisation experiences can have serious consequences for businesses. So while everyone is talking about personalisation, marketing and sales teams need to know the real benefits to their content’s attention, production, and outcomes.

Plus, professionals are trying to avoid content chaos by prioritising materials that are evergreen, measurable, replicable, and targeted, which isn’t always the case for personalised content if tech integrations cannot scale and track the work.

Turtl Labs is now exploring just how personalisation has impacted content performance over the past few years, and how you can use this knowledge to bridge the gulf between your audience’s personalisation utopia and the current state of content.

What is personalisation when done right?

Enabling creators or readers to customise your content so it has higher personal relevance will always allow it to perform better than nonpersonalised materials. Teams aren’t frivolous or wasting time when they prioritise personalisation, and maturing your strategy beyond basic personalisation is the key to standing out and seeing continued success.

How does personalised content impact businesses?

Personalised content really does work – performing on average 45% better across every possible attention- measuring metric including reads, shares, and clicks.

Why isn’t everyone already personalising all their content?

Gartner's latest Hype Cycle Report for emerging technologies shows how at the start of an innovation's introduction, there is a “peak of inflated expectations” where many people try an exciting new tool in mass, but with a lack of training and comprehension around its capabilities, many give up on it.

It's not just about how often creators personalise, but how they connect data and feedback to innovate deeper with their workflows, ensuring personalised content is delivered at the right time, to the right person, with the right message.

In an impersonal world, it pays to personalise.

Nick Mason

Nick Mason

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