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Video Content: A Great Visual Tool to Tell Your Story

By Nasiha Choudhury, Lawrence Grant Chartered Accountants

Videos have gone from popular to essential over the last decade. Companies are recognising the importance of storytelling, adding a more “human” quality, and the benefits are seen in increased engagement and website traffic.

How Videos Can Optimise Your Marketing

You all have a unique brand story, and you should tell it. Here are a few areas where videos can get a powerful message across:

  • Outlining the benefits of a new product/service
  • Customer Reviews/FAQ’s
  • Natural videos – staff events and company get-togethers
  • Top Tips
  • Fun Facts about you or your company
  • Answering industry questions
  • Upcoming events

Getting started

To create quality on-demand videos, you don’t need a high-tech camera, fancy lights, or a giant boom mic. In fact, your smartphone, a mini tripod, and lapel mic will do just the trick, cost-effectively.

If you’re not sure what kind of videos to start with, think about the conversations you have had with customers. What do they want to know? What product/service features do you want to highlight? This is a safe way to determine what your customers will warm to as you’re simply covering what is already there. Remember, you want to keep your videos brief, but as informative as possible.

Measuring Performance

Measuring your video performance is crucial to understanding your customer’s behaviours and engagement, as well as making recommendations for improvement. Some metrics you should be measuring include the following.

View Through Rate (VTR)

The percentage of people who watch your video in its entirety, painting a full story as to where your viewers are exiting your video. These reasons could vary from misinterpreting content, to unnecessary waffling. With the modern consumer becoming more impatient, they are likely to clock out earlier, which brings us to the next metric.

Watch Time

Half of viewers will spend an average 15 seconds watching a video before stopping, so keeping it short, packed with the information to know, will keep your viewers engaged to the end.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

This is a classic metric measured through any Call to Action (CTA) you may have within your video, telling you how effectively your video is driving action, e.g., “Sign Up today”, “Leave a comment, and we’ll contact you”, “Subscribe”.

Lifetime Value

Measure your metrics over a long period to see the result of re-shares and likes and further engagement. You can also re-purpose your video as a blog to extend the life span of your message.

How to measure your metrics: YouTube, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics,, Wistia.

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Nasiha Choudhury has been part of the marketing team for over a year, looking after the firm’s CRM system, focusing on using email marketing tools and building campaigns to maximise the lifetime value of their clients.

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