New data reveals the truth about content personalisation at scale

By Nick Mason, Turtl

Today it's common knowledge that personalisation is a priority for modern businesses. Brands like Netflix, Amazon, and Google have shown just how effective personalised services can be for efforts in business growth, lead gen, click-throughs, and even customer loyalty. As a result, many others are already deploying personalisation, but customers are unimpressed.

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airplane above trees

The subjective nature of ESG

By Paul Gambles, MBMG Group

The unknown origin of the saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” long precedes the current vogue for ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) approaches to investing, but in many ways, it could have been coined for exactly that purpose, perhaps reflecting the long history of such concerns.

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Gibraltar as a crypto-friendly jurisdiction

By Philip Cartwright, Abacus Financial Services Ltd

Gibraltar has been at the forefront of regulating crypto and blockchain space. The government, regulator, and local law firms combined into a working practice group and introduced their own regulations on 01 January 2018 for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

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video call

Zooming Out

By Elisabeth Colson, Devry Smith Frank LLP

Sheltering in place is easier when needs can be met by a mouse-click, whether shopping, paying bills, or connecting with the outside world. Yet people are more frequently declining webinar invitations, and group catch-up calls now seem draining rather than fun. Yes, video fatigue is a “thing”.

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Applying Lean Office in a Disruptive Time

By Sergio Fernández, Grup Vilar Riba

We are in a disruptive moment. This period constitutes an unprecedented challenge, but it must also be a period of opportunities to improve and create more robust and agile processes in our companies.

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Videographer filming business meeting

Video Content: A Great Visual Tool to Tell Your Story

By Nasiha Choudhury, Lawrence Grant Chartered Accountants

Videos have gone from popular to essential over the last decade. Companies are recognising the importance of storytelling, adding a more “human” quality, and the benefits are seen in increased engagement and website traffic.

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Indian entrepreneurs

Avoid Eight Common Mistakes in Your Business Plan

By Sameer Kamboj, SKC World

Why would someone plan for failure? It may be a funny thought, but then why do so many plans fail instead of succeeding? It’s one thing to simply say that the plan went wrong, but quite another to admit that the reason it went wrong is that “we did not plan well!”

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marketing team

Why Marketing Planners are Good for Business

By Paul Atkinson, Lawrence Grant, Chartered Accountants

You could say, “Marketing is like a railway engine – it pulls all the other departmental carriages along!” Every business needs a good marketing plan and, as important as marketing plans are, many companies do not devote enough time or resources to them. Without it, people cannot learn about your business and then buy your services from you.

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