Taking up residence in Switzerland

By Claudia Mattig and Dr Willy Huber, Treuhand- und Revisionsgesellschaft Mattig-Suter & Partner

Moving to Switzerland needs to be considered carefully and must be prepared, planned, organised and carried out with attention to detail. Otherwise there might be many unpleasant surprises, disappointments and problems, and above all there might be problems with Swiss laws. Anyone intending to move to Switzerland should study those requirements and regulations of Swiss law which are important to them and this should be done in good time, as well as during and after moving to Switzerland.

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Practical Tips for Doing Business in Africa


By Cornelia van Heerden, Heyns & Partners Inc.

Africa is a vast continent with up in excess of 1 billion inhabitants and a plethora of cultures and different language groups. Although doing business in Africa was once perceived as a difficult and complex undertaking, this is slowly starting to change. With fewer conflicts, more democratic elections and economic growth rates that have gradually begun to compete with those of other developing regions, Africa is proving itself to be a continent of positive change.

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Your Low Emotional Consciousness is Making You Vulnerable!

By Sameer Kamboj, SKC World

This is the 4th part of the tenpart series “10 Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs on Their Path to Scaling Up”, today on Emotional Vulnerability. Even after becoming emotionally intelligent, we can be vulnerable when we do not deal with our emotions consciously. We become either oversensitive or insensitive to our own and to others’ emotions. Using various techniques of Emotional Intelligence, whether using the Ability model or Trait Model, we are able to get down to the symptomatic levels of our emotions – but we are often unable to understand “Why we are the way we are?”

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video call

Zooming Out

By Elisabeth Colson, Devry Smith Frank LLP

Sheltering in place is easier when needs can be met by a mouse-click, whether shopping, paying bills, or connecting with the outside world. Yet people are more frequently declining webinar invitations, and group catch-up calls now seem draining rather than fun. Yes, video fatigue is a “thing”.

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