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Germany: property prices are on the rise, rents are stable

By Dr. Reinhard Nacke, FPS Rechtsanwälte & Notare

Unlike other European countries, property prices are on the rise again in both Western and Eastern Germany. From March 2007 to August 2012 the price for new residential properties rose by nearly 25% whilst rents only increased moderately. In some cities the rise over the last couple of months could be described as dramatic. Some analysts are convinced that in this regard the German bubble may yet burst.

old people’s home in Germany

Goldmine Renting of Old People’s Homes in Germany

By Dr Reinhard Nacke, FPS

Due to demographic change, there will be an ever-increasing number of old people’s homes in Germany. The federal states are legally obliged to create a suffcient number of such facilities. It could, therefore, be lucrative for investors to build an old people’s home and rent it out to a home operator. It should be noted, however, that the investor’s negotiations with the home operator will be different from those for ordinary commercial properties. For the latter, a rent is usually negotiated freely. It is also agreed that the rent will change similarly to the cost of living.

Green lease contracts: Good for the environment and profit

By Dr. Reinhard Nacke, FPS Rechtsanwälte & Notare

Ever more companies are trying to set themselves apart from their competitors through extraordinary commitments to sustainability in order to gain further market shares. For example, companies are using electric cars in their fleets, recycled paper and “save paper” messages in email correspondence. For a growing number of companies, this also includes concluding a green lease contract. In addition to the company’s external image, such a move is prompted by the desire to assume corporate social responsibility because there is a general feeling that we cannot rely solely on the state and non-profit organisations, but must also take responsibility ourselves.

High Value UK Residential Property – Urgent action required

By David Rodney, Citroen Wells Chartered Accountants

The UK Budget in March 2012 announced tax measures affecting UK residential property. This article concentrates on two proposals set to take effect in April 2013 which apply to residential properties valued at more than £2m and held within 'structures'. Structures may be in place to avoid inheritance tax and/or stamp duty land tax. In view of increasing values, anyone holding residential property worth more than £1.5m should consider the impact of the proposals. Commercial properties are not affected.

Housebuilding in England

By Lesley Fairclough, Ward Hadaway

Despite the uncertainty as to what effect the UK’s exit from the European Union in 2019 will have, major UK housebuilding companies have had a strong year with increased sales of new homes.


How the Private Sector Can Help Solve the Affordable-Housing Problem

By Caroline A. Simonson, Moss & Barnett

The United States is in the midst of an affordable-housing crisis. Supply is falling far short of demand, and rents are reaching historic highs. According to data from Apartment List, nearly half of all renters in the country spend more than 30% of their income on rent, and one in four renters spends at least 50% of his or her income on rent. A recent report by the National Low-Income Housing Coalition found that in 99% of counties, a full-time minimum-wage worker cannot afford a fair market one-bedroom rental. While policymakers explore various ways to address this crisis, the private sector can play a positive role in ensuring that all Americans have access to affordable housing. Let’s explore some programs and opportunities available to real estate developers, owners, and investors that bolster affordable housing.


HST and the New Housing Rebate

By Alleen Sakarian, Devry Smith Frank LLP

What is HST? Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is a combined tax which, in Ontario, includes an 8% provincial tax component and a 5% federal tax component. HST is levied on all new home purchases in Ontario, substantially increasing the cost of buying a new home in the province.

Increasing interest from abroad to invest in the Dutch rental market

Fotolia 2022626 S 635px

By Joost Donkersloot, TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen

There is increasing interest from abroad to invest in the Dutch rental market. Minister Block (Housing and Civil Service) confirmed that recently in the House of Parliament. "I receive those signals in discussions with market participants and investors," says Block . 'The Netherlands has the image of a reliable country and you can sense that there is perception that this is the time to take action." Of course also the Netherlands suffered from the effect of the economic crisis which has lowered prices for real estate. But there is a growing feeling that this now has come to a stop. This combination is said to be the cause of the increased interest. Of course, investors expect that the economic recovery will prevail and that prices will rise again.

Gjirokastra in Albania

Investing in Real Estate in Albania

By Oltion Kaçani, Gjika & Associates Attorneys at Law

The Albanian real-estate sector has undergone significant changes and improvements in order to resolve the issues inherited from the past. Due to the legal amendments made in the last few years, Albania offers a real opportunity to invest in real estate, thus facilitating and making more reliable the entire process.

Investing in UK residential property

Andrew Lee, Haines Watts

In recent years, we have seen a steady growth of overseas individuals investing in the UK residential property market particularly around London and the South East of England. Traditionally, the UK has been a hotspot for wealthy overseas property investors from North America, Southeast Asia, Japan and the Middle East and now Russian and Chinese investors are joining the ranks. This is not surprising, as the UK has always been popular for its liberal legal and tax regime and it has long been recognised as one of the most stable democracies in the world. London properties in particular have a long history of attracting investments from wealthy individuals from all corners of the world. The attractions of London include its world class educational, cultural and sporting and leisure facilities.

Investment in German Real Estate – Tax Opportunities

By Ingo Prang, KPP Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

The real estate market in Germany still offers opportunities compared to other European member states. Hence, investment into the German market can be quite beneficial.

Italiy renovation

Italy: Tax Relief for Construction Companies

By Dr Martin Lechner, Pichler Dejori Comploj & Partner

From 01 May 2019, Italy is offering tax relief to construction companies in order to promote the recovery of buildings in need of renovation. Between the period of 01 May 2019 and 31 December 2021, companies whose scope consists of the construction and recovery of buildings will be able to purchase entire buildings for a fixed amount of EUR 200 each, for registration, mortgage, and cadastral taxes.

ltaly: Tax burden on ownership of real estate doubled

Fotolia 25255921 S 635px

By Dr. Lodovico Comploj, Pichler Dejori Comploj & Partner

In November 2011, the risk premium on Italian government bonds climbed to an almost intolerable level, crippling the Italian national budget. One of the first measures adopted by the newly appointed technocratic government was the introduction of the D.L201/2011 (known as the "Rescue Italy Decree") to reform the State budget. This decree also included the introduction in 2012 of the "IMU" (municipal tax on the ownership of real estate), which replaced the "ICI", the former property tax on real estate.

Luxury real estate in Venice

By Elena Moretti, Studio Dalla Libera & Partners

According to the Bank of Italy, the value of real estate is represented by "the estimated amount for which the property should be exchanged on the date of valuation between a willing seller and a potential purchaser. This is in accordance with normal market conditions after adequate sales promotion, in which the parties have acted with knowledge of facts, prudently and with no constraint.

Border US Mexiko

Mexico’s Newly Elected President and his Impact on the Northern Border

By Alejandro Fernando Toulet Lazos, Toulet & Gottfried

Mexico had an election for a new president on 1 July 2018. The undisputed winner was Mr Andrés Manuel López Obrador (‘AMLO’). AMLO is a leftist and populist who has run for, and lost, the presidency the previous two times: once in 2006 and then again in 2012. AMLO formed his own political party, named ‘Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional’ or ‘MORENA’.

Mr Jensen goes to town

Fotolia 53902002 S 635x250px

By Per Hansen,Hansen Sonderby

The fact that changing demography and migration towards cities have impacted the property markets is hardly news – at least when it comes to a number of the world's larger countries. Now, however, it has even come to a small country such as Denmark.

London, UK

Negotiating new UK property leases

By Tom Dymond, Haines Watts

Negotiating a new lease for a UK property? Here are the five clauses in a contract that will have the most impact.

New Tax Regime Targets Foreign Investors of Australian Property

By Marcus Andrews and Luke Dominish, McCabes

In an attempt to encourage interaction between foreign residents and the Australian Tax Office (ATO), on 1 July 2016 the Australian federal government introduced a number of changes in respect of the purchase and sale of Australian property by foreigners.

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