Remote, not distant: Design a company culture that will help you thrive in a hybrid workplace

Hybrid and remote work is here to stay. What will it take for your company to succeed in the new normal?

The pandemic taught many businesses a very valuable lesson – those who don’t adapt will get left behind. Some businesses managed not only to survive but actually thrive in a remote and hybrid work model. What’s their secret?

Gustavo Razzetti answers this question in his practical, meticulously researched book, Remote, Not Distant: Design a Company Culture That Will Help You Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace. The author and consultant provides a roadmap to understand, adapt to, and succeed in a hybrid workplace. After spending years studying businesses, including Amazon, Slack, GitLab, Volvo, Microsoft, and other successful organisations, his solid grasp of the topic will challenge your perspective of hybrid and remote work.

Free bonuses: when you purchase this book, you gain access to dozens of exclusive, downloadable tools and templates to design your hybrid work culture.

Remote, Not Distant provides actionable tools for senior leaders, managers, team members, and consultants. Razzetti addresses the multiple areas of culture, from keeping your team connected and improving remote collaboration to managing asynchronous communication, facilitating courageous conversations, and defining the right hybrid model for your organisation.

This book covers critical concepts including:

  • What successful remote leaders do differently
  • Five key mindset shifts to reset your workplace culture
  • Why your offce was never your culture
  • Tips to building culture remotely
  • Building psychological safety – one step at a time
  • Six modes of collaboration for hybrid teams
  • The future of work is here. Will you adapt or be left in the dust?

With actionable advice, this book offers you the insights and tools you need to succeed in a hybrid workplace.

Title: Remote, not distant: Design a company culture that will help you thrive in a hybrid workplace
Author: Gustavo Razzetti
Publisher: Liberationist Press
Language: English
Hard Cover: 326 pages
ISBN-10: 0999097393
ISBN-13: 78-0999097397

Published:  GGI Insider, No. 121, September 2022

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