7 Ways to Lead

Evolve Professionally and Personally Enhancing Your Leadership and Work / Life Harmony

“7 Ways to Lead” shares common sense and easy-to-use insight to enhance personal leadership and effective leadership skills.

The number one complaint from many companies is, “Our leaders don’t know how to lead!” Why would they? Most people are promoted because they did one thing really well, or outlasted their “addicted to average” co-workers/teammates, not because they knew how to lead. Andre Young’s favourite example is, “You sold a million dollars’ worth of product.… You are now the Sales Manager.” They haven’t proved they can manage or lead anyone; they’ve only proven they can sell a million dollars’ worth of product … their way.

Work/life harmony is more important now than it has ever been. The notion of leaving home at the door before entering work and leaving work at the door when entering home is obsolete. The fact that cell phones are always accessible means significant others, relationships, and outside life now enter work with every employee … all day.

So, when things are bad intimately, parentally, and socially it shows up at work with employees trying to do their job in between responding to ten pages of “hate texts”. In contrast, when that same employee returns home, their phone may continue to ring, ding, or chime with work emails, work texts, etc. If they respond, they have effectively communicated that it is okay to invade their time. If they don’t, it doesn’t erase the anxiety of not responding or knowing a pile of work is building up. There may not be a true balance between both realms, but “7 Ways to Lead” helps leaders find and create harmony between the two

Title: 7 Ways to Lead: Evolve Professionally and Personally;
Enhancing Your Leadership and Work / Life Harmony
Author: Andre Young
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (08 December 2020)
Language: English
Paperback: 244 pages
ISBN-10: 1631950916
ISBN-13: 978-1631950919

Published: GGI Insider, No. 112, March 2021

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