• No Deal Brexit: Single Market vs Exports of Goods

    No Deal Brexit: Single Market vs Exports of Goods

    By Dean Jefferies, Haines Watts

    The draft legislation recently issued by HMRC, in anticipation of a nodeal Brexit, focuses on measures to reduce friction when clearing goods that enter the UK (or enter another EU member state from the UK).

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  • European Regulations on Servicing of Documents

    European Regulations on Servicing of Documents

    By Dr Jiri Novák and Jan Sekret, Broz & Sokol & Novák

    Based on the findings of the 2017 regulatory fitness evaluation, the European Commission proposed amendments to both the Regulation on the service of documents and the Regulation on the taking of evidence in civil or commercial matters. On 13 February 2019, the European Parliament (EP) adopted the legislative resolutions on the proposal for regulation amendments at the first reading.

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  • ‘Netflix tax’ - new cross border rules in Australia

    ‘Netflix tax’ - new cross border rules in Australia

    By Jonathan Ackerman, Kelly + Partners

    Over the last couple of years, the Australian Federal Government has introduced a comprehensive regime to ensure that overseas suppliers apply Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) to goods and digital products sold to Australian consumers and to online bookings for Australian hotels.

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  • Why Marketing Planners are Good for Business

    Why Marketing Planners are Good for Business

    By Paul Atkinson, Lawrence Grant, Chartered Accountants

    You could say, “Marketing is like a railway engine – it pulls all the other departmental carriages along!” Every business needs a good marketing plan and, as important as marketing plans are, many companies do not devote enough time or resources to them. Without it, people cannot learn about your business and then buy your services from you.

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PR 2018 No. 16


GARDEN CITY, NY; July 10, 2018 —Robert L. Schonfeld, counsel to the firm, was recently appointed by the Nassau County Bar Association (NCBA) to serve as Chair of its Civil Rights Committee for a one year term. Mr. Schonfeld previously served as Vice Chair of the Committee.

The NCBA's Civil Rights Committee explores a variety of issues, including discrimination, freedom of speech and religion, and the rights of students, employees and prisoners.

Robert L. Schonfeld focuses his practice in anti-discrimination litigation in the State and Federal Courts to enforce the right of persons with disabilities to live and access services in the community. Mr. Schonfeld secured a landmark decision from the New York State Court of Appeals in the case of Jennings v. New York State Office of Mental Health, which restricted the ability of localities to object to the establishment of group homes under the New York State Selection Law (Mental Hygiene Law Section 41.43), as well as a landmark Federal Fair Housing Act decision in the United States District Court in Oxford House v. Suffolk County, which allowed housing for people recovering from alcoholism and substance abuse to remain in Suffolk County residential neighborhoods. He has successfully litigated over 100 cases under the site selection law and Federal anti-discrimination statutes. Prior to private practice, Mr. Schonfeld served as an Assistant Attorney General of the State of New York where he represented OMH, OMRDD and other state agencies in litigation involving the development and operation of OMH and OMRDD licensed facilities. Mr. Schonfeld received his Juris Doctor from Fordham University School of Law.

Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP, with offices on Long Island and Manhattan, provides a wide range of legal services to businesses, corporations and individuals worldwide.

Robert L. Schonfeld


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