The establishment of the Commercial Court in Cyprus

By Melina Karaolia, M. ELIADES & PARTNERS LLC

While we were planning for the LDR PG meeting to be held at the GGI Regional Conference in Limassol, we thought that the topic of the purpose and functionality of commercial courts, with a particular focus in Cyprus, would be an interesting one. At the time we were first discussing this, the Cyprus Ministry of Justice had deposited a draft bill in Parliament for the establishment of a Commercial Court that would deal with international matters, including in the English language if the parties so choose. The approval of court procedures in the English language would require constitutional amendments.

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Out-of-court settlements in the post-pandemic era

By Marzanna Sobaniec, Penteris

In June 2020, a “protective umbrella” was rapidly deployed to shield entrepreneurs in Poland from dire financial straits. This enabled them to take advantage of a “simplified restructuring procedure” mostly conducted out of court, which granted debtors greater flexibility and privileges.

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Mistakes - part 8: Do you know why you failed?

By Sameer Kamboj, SKC World

We can either cope with life or participate in it. Those who are coping usually do not scale up, and start looking out for contentment and satisfaction primarily outside their work, seeking external solace, early retirement, sabbaticals, etc. Those who enthusiastically participate are able to harness the abundance that life offers. They fall and grow with the ongoing rhythm of life – at all times, life is an act of destruction and creation resulting in abundance. It is a continuous motion of change that never results in permanent death.

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Create the right culture and mindset to drive change

By Richard Collins

In the March Insider edition ( No. 118) we informed you about CSR Accreditation and why firms should adopt corporate social responsibility. Richard Collins, Founder and Managing Director of CSR-A, spoke at the GGI European Regional Conference in Limassol, Cyprus, about the benefits of implementing CSR in companies. Corporate Social Responsibility resounds throughout the land, but how can you concretely drive the necessary cultural changes in your company? You will be amazed at what you are already doing, so it’s worth finding out how your business performs and see if your company already qualifies for a CSR Accreditation mark.

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