• Peer Review Focus on Audit Risk Assessment

    Peer Review Focus on Audit Risk Assessment

    By Tom Parry, Navolio & Tallman LLP

    The Risk Assessment Standards were issued in 2006. However, based on recent peer review data, it appears that many auditors continue to struggle with implementation.

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  • Conflict Resolution

    Conflict Resolution

    By Dr Thomas Ditges, DITGES Rechtsanwälte Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater

    Conflict resolution is situational. In the private sphere, many people seek legal clarification and, sometimes, undue advantages, if the law enables them to. The good entrepreneur has no lawsuits. If the legal situation is unclear, he derives his planning from experience. Although it is not possible to avoid every dispute, his ability to anticipate legal issues can substitute for legal advice.

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  • Quota 100 Pension: How Does it Work? Who Is Entitled?

    Quota 100 Pension: How Does it Work? Who Is Entitled?

    By Ilaria Ballabeni, Baldi & Partners

    The Italian law decree n. 4 of 28 January 2019, without prejudice to any changes possibly made to its text during the parliamentary examinations aimed at its conversion into law, has introduced new provisions on the access requirements to and the regime of the early retirement age for the entirety of workers enrolled in the INPS (national social welfare institution) management.

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  • Scottish Trusts are Different

    Scottish Trusts are Different

    By Ian Macdonald, Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP

    As Scotland and England are part of the same island and have shared a Parliament for nearly 300 years (from 1707 till the Scottish Parliament was established to deal with some legal and policy matters in 1999), you might assume that the law in the two countries on most matters is the same. Nothing could be further from the truth, particularly in the area of trusts.

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VAT on Electronically Supplied Services in 2019

By Valeria Khmelevskaya, KBK Accounting

Along with the increase of the VAT rate from 18% up to 20%, the so called “Google tax” introduced previously as VAT on electronically- supplied services (“electronic services”) remains one of the hot topics in Russia. Starting from 2019, foreign entities rendering B2B electronic services to Russian clients are also obliged to register with the Russian tax authorities. Previously, this obligation existed for B2C service providers only.

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Real Estate

Gjirokastra in Albania

Investing in Real Estate in Albania

By Oltion Kaçani, Gjika & Associates Attorneys at Law

The Albanian real-estate sector has undergone significant changes and improvements in order to resolve the issues inherited from the past. Due to the legal amendments made in the last few years, Albania offers a real opportunity to invest in real estate, thus facilitating and making more reliable the entire process.

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Restructuring Branch-Based Enterprises – Best Practice

By Sven Dierking, Gehrke econ Group

One of the biggest institutes for research on retail issues in Germany predicted a significant sales decrease for over-the-counter retail in Germany. Current reports of the distributors already show declining visitor numbers in more than half of the stores. This development results mainly from an increase of e-commerce and demographic changes and will lead to a more rigorous selection process.

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