• Substantive Consolidation, its Application, and the Authority

    Substantive Consolidation, its Application, and the Authority

    By Byron Moldo, Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP

    The administration of a receivership or bankruptcy case in the US may include one or more entities. While there may only be one company that is the subject of the case at the inception, a body of law has developed which permits courts, in appropriate circumstances, to include other entities in the case administration for the benefit of creditors. The balance of this article summarises the concept of substantive consolidation, its application, and the authority.

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  • To Err is Human ... BUT ... Who is Responsible for Machine-Made Decisions?

    To Err is Human ... BUT ... Who is Responsible for Machine-Made Decisions?

    By Ran Kamil, Soroker Agmon Nordman | IP & beyond

    The second decade of the twentyfirst century will probably be marked by future historians as the dawn of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era. While we are yet to be hunted by legions of killer robots guided by an AI resolved to correct God’s mistake of saving Noah from the flood, we no longer use machines just to substitute or enhance human physical labour, but also as a substitute for human discretion in the decision-making process.

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  • Canada’s New Trademark Regime

    Canada’s New Trademark Regime

    By Ahmed Bulbulia, Pallett Valo LLP

    On 17 June 2019, a new trademark regime came into force in Canada. Transformational changes to Canada’s trademark laws have been adopted to align Canada with international standards and obligations. This new regime contains a number of fundamental changes that brand owners and their legal advisors should be aware of. Some of the key changes are summarised below:

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  • Dock Sales: When Simple Sourcing is not so Simple

    Dock Sales: When Simple Sourcing is not so Simple

    By J. Pablo Garciga, Funaro & Co. PC

    The sale of taxable property in the US is generally subject to sales tax at the location where the vendor delivers it to the buyer. This principle is not always as simple to apply as it might first appear.

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Estate Planning

Dharamsala, India

A Holistic View on Inheritance Planning (2)

By Ashishkumar Bairagra, M L Bhuwania and Co LLP

It’s been said that you cannot imagine the gravity of a situation until it happens to you. A few months ago, my friend’s wife Rachel called to inform me that my friend Asher did not survive a heart attack while driving his car. Asher has just celebrated his 40th birthday last year and was a seemingly healthy individual.  He left a registered will and Rachel inherited everything, but how would she take care of it, rather all of it!

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Real Estate

Innsbruck city center, river Inn and Tyrolian Alps

Real Estate Financing in Austria

By Raffaela Lödl-Klein and Mario Kapp, KAPP & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte GmbH

The real estate market in Austria is flourishing; both the volume of sales and the value of sold real estate have increased continuously in recent years. Further growth on all fronts is expected for 2019: more demand and higher prices, though only a minimally growing supply side, especially with regards to land for building and single-family homes. The choice of the right type of real estate financing is of key importance in this context.

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